Not listed in results

Raced in the Team DRAFT Friday Race (C) (2023-03-24 16:30:00) today.
I seem to be not listed in the results, not even in the unfiltered list. Im pretty sure im not DQ’ed.
I did had a problem when shutting down zwift and saving ( wifi connection).
Showed up in strava app and on zwiftcompanion though ( no results).

A third of the racers are in the non-finishers list (check the live tab). You’d normally be there if you encountered data errors, but when a 3rd of the field is there I’d guess the issue is up-stream of your network. Given the variety of country flags, it is unlikely to be a single ISP and given the ongoing connection issues reported in past few months, likely Zwift end.

So, bad luck i guess ?
Thx for the reply

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