end of race

(K eith Walberg) #1

I have done two races using iOS and Kickr trainer. They start great and everything works well except the progress bar and the end of race.  The blue progress bar never updates and the race never seems to end.  I have watched YouTube videos of other races where you can see the meters count down and there is a results screen when the rider crosses the finish line.   So far I have not seen that kind of end of race experience.  I did the Crankster Figure 8  and a  EVR race.  

Is this an iOS problem?  I did one race using an iPad and another using iPhone.  I love it otherwise.



(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Keith -

I’m very sorry to hear that you are encountering this issue. We are aware of it, and have already tested an approved a fix for it that has been released on our Mac and PC version. Unfortunately, we have not had an iOS update since this fix has been implemented, which is why you are still encountering it.

We have implemented it in our next iOS update, so please be patient, we’ll have it out as soon as possible. Ride On!

(Emmanuele Frontini) #3

Hi Lindsay,

Great to know that the team is working on fixing the issue for iOS as well. I encountered the the same problem yesterday for the ZRO West ride. I was wondering while the team works to fix the issue, would we still be able to get credit for having completed the event and be able to take part in the “Zwift into the New Year” lucky draw?


(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

We are crediting iOS users who entered the “Zwift into the New Year” events and participated with a drawing entry, as well as any PC and Mac users who encountered this issue before it was patched on those platforms. There is no need to submit a ticket or report, as we are able to identify participating users and will be adding them to the drawing pool.

Cheers, good luck, and Ride On!

(Emmanuele Frontini) #5

Hi Lindsay - Thank you very much for the quick response! This is very helpful!