Distance to go counter is still broken on iOS version 1.0.42345

Despite the update notes saying this bug was fixed it is still occurring. Did a WBR race last night (2 laps greater London flat course) and the distance to go counter is still very broken. Distance counting upwards from 300m when we were still more than a km from the real finish line.

Also, still have the problem with riders unclipping in the holding pen. It only seems to happen above 60rpm. Below that and they stay clipped in.

Yes, this is still broken on the latest version of the iOS app.

Same on Windows 10 …race, 0.2km to go…sprinting hard and then still 1980m to go…pure agony.


It is very strange to me, that nobody is bothered by this? It is happening on races all over… you can see it on recorded videos…

I’m bothered by it and get same issue in Windows 10 … very annoying!


zwift keep stating how they want to be the leaders in esports, put zwift in the Olympics yet can’t even get distance to go right. Shambles.think The UCI will want to see this fixed before the esports world championships next year.


I’m shocked there isn’t more complaints on the forums and that I can’t even find this in the list of acknowledged bugs. It’s been happening for several weeks at least! I wonder how many youtube personalities have to get frustrated with it before Zwift takes notice

There was a lot wrong with the distance to go in that race but the end section, where they cross the bridge/tunnel from the volcano and go up the S rise into the final straight in downtown, it almost looks like the distance to go was the distance to the finish line as the crow flies.

As soon as they turned right after the bridge and started going up the rise they were heading away from the finish line and the distance to go started increasing. Only when they got to the top of the rise and turned back towards the finish line did the distance start going down again.

Still no respond from Zwift about this?

OKAY, I’ll complain too.

This is very annoying.
The first time, also on Greater London Flat, it about killed me because I thought it was time to go in my attempt to beat the other people who were also not going to be winning the race.
As a result, about 1/2 my group beat me and we all pretty much lost together and had a good time.
But the second time, I knew to ignore it and follow the map.
I held my group off and this time, I was the lead loser and again, we all had a good time.

Zwift is great
Ride On.

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Got this last night on the Castelli stage 2 ride, almost down to 200n and then went back up to about 1km Apple tv

Is anyone at Zwift looking at this?


please Vote (left top next to topic header) to give this issue more priority. I’m racing a lot (and organize races too) and see this issue more and more. For experienced racer less disturbing as most know where finish lines are despite the distance marker, but new/less experienced racer are annoyed about this issue. Zwift, please fix this. I’m using Zwift on Win 10 btw

Here’s another example, where it drops down to 0.3km to go and then bounces up to 0.8km to go.

This stuff makes me question where Zwift’s priorities are right now. Between this issue and the gravel resistance change, it does not seem that racing or group rides are being given the correct attention.

Edit: Above video can only be viewed on Youtube. Here’s another one where the distance drops down to 0.3km and then bounces up to over 500m.

Got screwed in a race again this morning with this bug. Absolutely absurd that this hasn’t been addressed yet. Can’t even get the basics right in e-racing. So frustrated.

same on PC version today on Watopia flat coirse race. Distance counter for last meters, than again 1200m, after that 3600m. good sprint interval, but nor what I expect for a race event

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Same here on the KISS race EU PM this morning. Went from 1km to go, counted down to 400 to go, then went back to 1.2km to go. Was fully sprinting, then had to sprint again, ruined my race. C’mon Zwift! Somebody needs to get on this ASAP!


Has happened to me several times on Windows 10 version. Smart money is to stay with the group until the final Sprint.

Seems like Zwift doesn’t understand how important this is to bike racers.

I think this is an unfair comment. They have been making changes to address this issue and to better the counter. But it seem to me that fixing one thing impact another.

Maybe removing the counter for some time will give them time to work out all the kinks.

I raced on sunday and i noticed that right after start there was no counter at all…then after a minute it came up 2km to go… when it come to zero it started counting down from 48km…
Closeer to finish it counted down at least three times from 2km before we sprint…
It is worse then before the update…

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