Finish line wrong

I was sprinting for silver on the london hilly revers, it said 400m to go and suddenly the race finished. i mean i saw the finish line but another time i sprinted and the race went on. I really dont know what to trust now. would have been my first podium in months and now this bug screwed me over.
Are they ever going to fix this bug ? can you trust meters to go ? it seems like you cant.

sorry about this rant, but it would have been my best race ever and now it is a bit of an anti climax finishing 4th because of it.

EDIT: A new update says they have fixed the counter. Game update: December 13, 2019

No. You cannot trust distance to go.

Stage 4 of the Tour of London today 0.3km to go suddenly jumps up to 1500m to go.

8 lap race on the brand new Crit City a couple of days ago and the distance to go counter hits 0 at the end of lap 7 and then starts counting up.

The only thing you can do is either go by the distance covered or look up the route beforehand and make sure you know exactly where the real finish is going to be.

This stuff has been bad since Yorkshire was released and the last two updates have claimed to fix it but haven’t. I don’t know when Zwift is going to fix this but if even their brand new circuit has this bug then I’m not confident it will be fixed any time soon.

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