The end of the race?

I tried a race the other day that was suppose to be 16.7 miles but when the peleton got to the 14 mile mark everyone took off like there was a sprint segment coming up but it turned out that the race was only 14.2 miles and i got left in the dust !! I would have loved to participate in the sprint finish but i didn’t know that the race was over. Is there a way that i can tell that we’re getting to the end of the race ? Somewhere on the stat screen ??

Michael, you can see distance to go in this spot. If it’s a timed event like a group ride then it will show time to finish.

However, there is a bug currently where that distance to go number will sometimes show incorrect distances.

I think this has bee fixed in the latest update.
This is from the i-store.

Definitely not, affected our Team Time Trial this morning on Greater London Flat.

See below and watch as the distance begins to count UP to about 1850 feet to go before then counting back down the same 1850 feet. If we hadn’t known the course and where the finish was we would have overcooked it too early. (I still overcooked it)

I had a similar thing happen to me today in a race… I didnt know where the finish was, and the top bar readout seemed to imply I had about 500 feet left… then it started counting again… in thousands of feet. I couldnt tell wtf was going on… but I had another few minutes to go, which was very annoying as I had sprinted to what I thought was the end. I didnt update today, I guess I will see if that fixes it. However, I have noticed that the mileage/km readout is always wrong now, even if just riding around or in a workout, it will be off by about 0.2km from the companion app.

Make sure your app is fully updated. There is an update in the Apple Store that resolves this issue, it was released this morning.

What was the version of Zwift you were running, it should be in the second line of your log file.

It should look like this.


My Zwift should be up to date, running on a windows laptop so not affected by Apple store.

[13:34:58] Game Version: 1.0.42346

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Hi Shawn,
I was on a ride using the London Classique route and at the very end the distance counter went haywire. The counter was going up and down and up and down until I gave up looking at it.

I also had an auto update for my iPhone today for my companion app going from version 3.8.2 to 3.9.0
Now all the Zwifters I follow or who follow me are not separated into those who are online to those who are off line. A bit of a pain really. Well, really annoying actually.
“Ride On”