Race distance remaining

I know this has been posted many times before but here we are, late 2019, and this is still a significant issue, displaying the race distance remaining.

Let’s start with the Yorkshire Power Up: Sprinter Stage? 6 laps with a lap distance of 5.7km according to the events website and the companion app. So that should be 34.2km? Nope.

In reality it’s a 3.2km lead-in followed by 6 laps of about 3km (not 5.7km) for a total distance of 20.7km.

Why do we have to go to a 3rd party website (https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/) to get an accurate race distance?

Why can’t the total race distance be displayed in the starting pens so we have some idea of what to expect if we haven’t studied the race route before hand (and double checked that it has the correct distance)?

Why can’t the total race distance to go be displayed on the in-game display? Showing the lead-in distance to go and then switching to the race distance to go is such an odd way to do things, why not display the race distance to go at all times?

Speaking of race distance to go, why is it still so wrong? 17km to go in the race but the display says only 16km to go.

How has this not been corrected yet @Wes??? It’s almost laughable.

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same with regular training rides, yesterday I did a training ride of 29.5 km. But during the ride I forgot the total amount of my ride. I would definately like to see the leftover amount of kilometres as well

This was fixed today in the World Champs ITT #2 ride, Yorkshire, pumproom 8 route displayed 30km and counted down correctly :scream:

Yes, I noticed that last night. It showed 15km in the race details in the pen and the counter seemed to count down the distance remaining correctly.

It was an odd event though. I thought the finish would be at the sprint line but there was a temporary finish line (a blue beam across the road) a few hundred metres short of the sprint line but at 15km distance.

It will be interesting to see if the race distance and countdown continue to work for other events or if it was just a one-off thing due to the special race distance and finish line used. It’s good to know that at least it’s possible for Zwift to do this. Now they just need to roll it out to all events.

Yeah same for the 30km, blue beam barely 20m short of the sprint finish. You could be right that as it was a special distance rather than “3 laps” that could be why the distance counters, shows it can be done though!

Still don’t understand why they can’t show the finish line, lap marker, KOM, sprint banners etc in the companion app, but that’s a different story!


Seriously agreed. very basic requirement on all routes or races. Need to know how far to go. Or am I missing something? Support tells me that there is no setting for this…


Is this feature still not added? If not is there any indication whether it will be or not?
Most products get a reply from the Developers stating if it’s been rejected, accepted or under consideration.


It’s just unbelievable to me that there’s no answer on this. Pacing yourself over a distance is fundamental part of training and racing - so it’s very difficult to understand why this is not a prominent part of the UI in desktop, mobile, and Companion.
On desktop, the main screen has a huge, and prominently placed progress bar to show your progress from one level to another, which is something you might care about every so often at best. Meanwhile, something like which route you are actually on NOW and how far you have left to go cannot be found on-screen or anywhere in Zwift Companion!

I specifically avoid using the suggested route variations because I have no idea how much distance they’ll add or whether they’ll make the ride longer than the time I have available.

Please, give us some relief and show route and distance left.