Total Race Distance and Elevation

I’ve seen this requested a couple of times before but figured I’d request again as it seems like such basic information and would be fairly simple to implement. Each race should have the TOTAL race distance listed in a standard place when so that users are aware of the distance when registering (such as next to the event name in companion app). Including total elevation gain would be an added bonus.

The current format of giving the number of laps and the course makes it difficult to impossible to know exactly what the event might actually be (and if it can be, say, completed before leaving for work in the morning). For example, I entered a race recently, the WBR 1 Lap The Highline Hilly Race (10.5km 179m). This sounded great and would fit well within my time constraints, but despite the apparently complete description what was not mentioned was that the “lap” began AFTER a 9.5km lead in which INCLUDED an ascent of the main climb. The race was actually 20km long with a fair bit more climbing than the title would lead one to believe.

If the distance and elevation were included in a standard format it would make the decision to enter much more simple. And while I realized that more information can be found on some 3rd party websites such as, it seems like athletes should not have to go through that trouble to get such a basic bit of information.


I do agree it would be nice to have more info, and that seem like valuable info.

But athletes should also prepare for the race, it is very easy to look at the route look at the distance and elevation. 3rd party sites have all the information you need. Try this one : Events


I would like to have current elevation on the screen. Basically, as was told by others the panel with data fields should be customised, may be have few pages, like on all modern devices, e.g garmin


Fully agree.


I don’t see a voting button on this topic, but my vote is definitely yes – this is really needed.

If someone is running the app, ready to go, and decides to join a ride, I believe they shouldn’t have to do anything to find out the elevation and distance. A glance at the menu in the upper right corner should be all it takes.

They shouldn’t have to go back to another device, or another computer, visit the Event search engine on Zwift itself or a 3rd-party site, then search, then click on the ride, then find out the ride isn’t fully describe there anyway, then go back to the app.

There is a letter, and the letter should tell us something; however, it doesn’t tell us enough. Sometimes the letter means only a distance, sometimes it means only a duration, sometimes it means a watts/kilogram range, and sometimes it’s a combination of variables.

For example:

The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App is various speeds and distances.

The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App requires reading the text to find out the duration.

The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App is only described in watts/kg.

The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App and The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App are nicely described in the title, but as the initiator of this thread stated, are we sure they include the lead-in distance?

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I agree. This is needed. In a standard format. And I’d like to see even more information…

Type of ride (Group Ride, Workout, Race, Fondo…)
TOTAL distance
(Or, if it’s a timed event, Duration.)
TOTAL elevation gain
Scheduled average pace in w/kg
One line summary (Recovery ride. -or- Group ride with sprints. -or- KISS Criterium Series. -or- Interval workout. -or- …)

All of this could fit in the same amount of space each event currently occupies on the The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App main page.


5:05 pm MST
Workout: Sprint Lead-outs
Route: Volcano Flat Circuit (4 Laps)
Total distance: 18.9 km/11.7 mi
Total elevation: 80 m/262 ft
Average pace: 2.0-2.5 w/kg
Summary: Workout ride focusing on executing an effective sprint lead-out.


I agree Geoffrey, I recently entered a race in Richmond (7 laps flat roads) and started warming up before the event. The flat road course was a 5km loop, so I was anticipating that I would be riding around 35km (7 laps). Well, around 10km into the race, I realized I was still on ‘Lap 1.’ It was then that I noticed I still had 30km left in the first lap! I’m not 100% sure I was reading everything correctly, as I’m new to Zwift, but I agree that adding a total distance and elevation to the races would certainly help! I’m not sure who’s out there in Watopia who think it’s fun to bust out +200km on a trainer! Haha

Vern: The ‘Vote’ button is at the top of the page and looks like a number in a box. It should be above the word ‘Vote’. After you vote the number will increment by one and the word ‘Vote’ will change to ‘Voted’. I hope that helps.

You’ve got way confused there.

7 laps of Richmond flat would be about 35km. There’s probably a lead-in before you start the first lap, based on what you said maybe that was just under a full lap. So at the point you’ve ridden 10km, you’re almost finished lap one, with 30km (~6 laps) to go. I doubt there are any 200km races :grimacing:

Bryan: With regard to your experience on the Richmond Flat course, there is definitely a ‘lead-in’ on this route, as there is only one set of starting pens on the Richmond course, and they are near the start of the UCI Lap route, while the flat roads course starts a few k’s beyond that.

So, when you first start the ride the display should show ‘ Lead In’ with a remaining distance for that. Then, once you actually turn onto the Richmond Flat route (a right turn with a bit of a rise where the cobbles start) I think you actually continue the lead-in until you get to the sprint banner. It would be at this point that the display would change from Lead In to ‘Lap 1/5’ and show the remaining distance for the event (NOT the remaining distance for the lap). The lap counter will then increment each time you pass the sprint banner, while the mileage will continue to decrease until the finish. Additionally, there should be an orange ‘progress bar’ in the display that fills in from left to right during the event to show how far along you are.

I hope that helps!

Thanks for clearing that up guys, that helps a lot. I’ll have to come back and try that race again sometime soon! Either way, if Zwift could add a total dist/elev. to the races that would be helpful. I’ve noticed some races have it included, but most only provide LAPS and ROUTE info…Ride on!

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Hi, I get very frustrated when looking through events as they rarely state how far the events are - I wont enter an event unless I know how far it is - simple as that, and as a result - I do very few. I woudl love to do more, but even googling the event often doesn’t leave me any the wiser.
If I could wish for 4 things from Zwift - it would be :-

  1. Ave Watts during a ride
  2. Ave speed during ride
  3. Accumulated elevation during a ride
  4. Distances in scheduled events

Then I would be in turbo heaven! :slight_smile:

Try this: