Route tracking of distance and elevation

Team, it would be nice to see a map of the specific route I’ve chosen displaying the start and finish and preferably where I am with specific elevations. I’d like to see this when I’m just riding a route point to point. For me, I am motivated by goals and when I select a route the miles and elevation are what I set out to accomplish. It would be great to see my progression throughout the workout vs. having to remember how long the route was that I selected and calculating against the HUB what I have left. I hope that makes sense.

Oh yes… Here is the email I sent to zwift support completing this topic.

Is there any way to have the details profil of a race/stage/route before to ride it and during the ride. This is very anoying not to see see how long a climb takes and when we can push arder…or if there will be another climbs at the end of the route…or if it is completely flat.

I can see small portion of a graph on the top right corner where there is a map but not the entire route, and we can’t really see what is coming in the next kilometres.

I am using tacx also with all of this wich is very convenient to manage the effort