Show map and profile when you select ride

it gets complicated now with so many options specially on Watopia that it would help very much to see route highlight on the overall map plus profile and distance when selecting ride…

short description right now is not very clear unless you know and did the ride before.

i was trying to do volcano climb and could not figure out what to choose…

The volcano climb is not part of any predefined route, you need to manually turn on to it.

I have made an example of the volcano climb but the feature of seeing the route and profile would make it easier to make selection of the ride for the day

Totally agree with the feature request.  As it stands now I go to to figure out which route to choose.

Hi guys.


We actually have something like this in the works. I don’t know when it would be available or what exact form it would take, but it is something that we’re hoping to add.

An overhead view of your current location on the course would be helpful. Stack it next to the elevation/direction mapping in the upper right.