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Could we please have a bit more information at the TOP LEVEL Events page?

At the moment we have:

Event start time
Category A B C D E
Event name

Could you please add:

Type of ride (Group Ride, Workout, Race, Fondo…)
Duration (and/or Distance)
Scheduled average w/kg
One line summary (Recovery ride. -or- Group ride with sprints. -or- KISS Criterium Series. -or- Interval workout. -or- …)

All of that should fit on two lines, max.

Adding those bits of information to the list of events would save a lot of time and clicks when looking for the right ride to join.

Thank you.

This would be greatly appriciated, and I would also have the same information in the companion app ofcourse. I get hammerd almost everyday by these questions and I don´t see that it could be a big problem adding this information into the events

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The Events should have a form that’s filled in so all that information consistently gets into every Event post. Having the amount of information at the whim of whoever loads each event is exasperating.

Include elevation and make it clear how much elevation and distance there is in each lap, not just let it be ambiguous as to whether it’s total or per lap.

Thank you!

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Yes, please include elevation.

There was a lot of confusion and frustration during the Tour of NY because Lead-in distance and elevation was not included in the ride descriptions. I’d actually prefer to see the event’s TOTAL distance and elevation, not just per lap. (It’s fairly easy to look up distance and elevation for the various routes.)

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