Events title to provide mileage and height elevation all the time

Évents titles without mileage or height elevation impose research.

bookmark this page it will help you with all your planning.


yes i know this page (great page because of the links to the routes ) , still does not have the total elevation calculation within and furthermore it is not possible within this page to register to an event ?
Would be practice to have all within the companion app when we register .

This gets a no vote from me as there is no need for it. Events have their distance and elevation listed when you browse / sign up for them on the companion app and on

Not one time the elevation is mentioned and too often the mileage is missing.
That is in the title ; do you see these somewhere else ; please show me a picture of the place you find it .

Here’s tomorrow’s Fondo info taken from the Zwift events page that I’m thinking about doing if the weather isn’t suitable for an outdoor ride. Same information is on the companion app. Admittedly not all event organizers list all the details. Be a bit tricky listing the distance and elevation in the event title for this event with 3 routes to choose from.

Been asking for this too. Please put the total amount of km/mi that the race is so we know what we are vetting ourselves into before we start racing also would be good to filter races by distance ex. 0 to 20 km 20 to 40km 50 to 80km. etc.

Yes , great for the filter…on distance and elevation beyond the existing filters.
and also when there are 3 distances that means 3 races/runs… could be entered in 3 events.
the only advantage is to start with a very high cumulated number of participants; but this is very virtual as often the start times are not the same.

@Nigel: thanks effectively rarely we have the complete information and yet not in the title.

Zwift can you please implement this.