Event courses details

Hi, one suggestion.
In the list of events, in addition to the name and category, it would be interesting to be able to see the distance and altitude difference of the activity.

Isn’t this already included? Where are you looking?

If you look at the event list you could see only time, duration in laps, but no information about distance and elevetion. Sometimes you could find distance but elevation is never present.

Click an event you are interested in and it shows you the distance and elevation of the event

Yes I know, but I have to check all the events to find one that fits my needs. If details are already present in the list it’s an improvement

You can always use a third-party such as Zwift Hacks to view events. It shows the distance of the event in the main display but you do need to open the event table to see the elevation (at least on the mobile version of the site).

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