Route missing from event detail on

Event information on the website:

The route name of each event appears on the list of events, but I don’t find it on the event detail page. This seems like an omission. I’d like to have route and distance on each event detail page.

My suggestion is to include this automatically and not rely on the event originator to add it. Most times, there is a route and a number of laps, which might be sufficient to infer distance and elevation.

As an example, the “Sydkysten Cycling - Carl Ras Race” on 8 May shows a route and number of laps on the list page. The detail page says “1 lap” but no information about route and distance. I do not intend to disparage the event organizers, but rather to suggest a change in the website and/or the underlying database. The Zwift companion shows the same information.

Yes that will be a nice addition to the Companion app to show elevation and distance. This should not be something the organizers need to do. Zwift know the distance and elevation of every route and segment.

I use to plan my rides and races.

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Zwift is pretty bad at this. As Gerrie suggested, ZwiftHacks, or ZwiftPower might help provides further insights.

It would be nice if Zwift took those cues from the community and actually did something with them.

It’s nice to see that Zwift implemented Gerrie’s suggestion in the update to the Companion app.
No change in the Zwift website, but maybe that will come next.

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