Preview of event route in Companion App: distance, elevation and profile when signing up


(egurra) #1


I have been zwifting for two years now, and fairly new to racing in it (loving it, to the extent that I do not do free rides and workouts anymore). One feature that I would find incredibly useful would be to see the information of the route of a race (or other event) when I sign up for it in the companion app. I find it pretty annoying to get out of the app and google the route info from zwiftinsider, then having to multiply the distance (x the number of loops) and total elevation in order to get an idea of what I am signing up or.

I imagine this may be more complicated for time-based events (as the total will depend on the speed of participants), but for a race I imagine it should not be complicated to see the following information when you are considering whether to join a race or other event:

Total distance
Total elevation

Ideally, a visual profile of the route would be great too.

Thanks so much in advance!

(Geoffrey Nenninger) #2

Totally agree, it’s surprising this information isn’t included in the description of every event. How can a user decide on an event if they don’t know whether it is 10km long or 100km??