Show distance and elevation in Companion Event captions


(Juan) #1

First of all, Zwift totally rocks and I’m a die-hard since the beta days. That said :slight_smile: … It would be so extremely helpful in the Companion app if the Event details gave exact distance and elevation. A 20 mile flat ride is much different than a 20 mile climb to Alpe d’Zwift, and I’ve made that mistake. This request doesn’t apply to time-based events, for instance lasting exactly 60 minutes. Today, in the Event list, I instead see # of laps which means I must know take a few minutes to go find the event course, then go to the web somewhere to google distance for that course, then multiply lap distance by # of laps, then add some random number for a lead-in… it’s a pain. Same for elevation. It’d be so much easier if that info was easily available/visible like most real-life events. At a minimum, please let us “touch” the route name found in the event details (where you can choose A, B, C, etc category) and have that expand into distance/elevation info. The distance/elevation should obviously be displayed in the rider’s unit preference (km/mi, etc).Thank you Zwift gods!

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(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #2

I know this does not answer your question, but you can use this website to make it a bit easier,

(Juan) #3

That does help, though having that info in the Companion with a few more details is even better. Thank you!