Document all zwift routes / group rides with distance and elevation gain in ride descriptions

(Jeff) #1

I have no way of finding out what the distance and elevation gain for zwift route will be for a group ride event

Typically the route is not listed as in the list of zwift manual choice routes which leaves me guessing as to whether it is a hilly or flat course, how steep and when the elevation changes happen.

If it is timed event ride, list out the distance and elevation gain for each loop.

There is no complete list of route loops with distance and elevation anywhere.

Please document the routes you have as opposed to creating new undocumented routes

I have to google the route name to try to get a clue as to what the route is.

I skip many events simply because I have no idea of elevation gain/climbing.

Undocumented event routes along with many others include

Tick Tock

Out And Back Again

Volcano Flat

Watopia Flat Route

Richmond Flat Roads

The 6 Train Rev

Volcano Flat

Tempus Fugit

(Lin) #2

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your request, but all the routes have names, distance, and elevation shown on the route selection screen when you are setting up for your ride. You can even sort them alphabetically, by distance, or by elevation:

If you are doing an event, then via the Zwift Companion app: all of them will include the route/course name. All of them will have number of laps or a fixed time. Many of them will also include distance and elevation. Note, all of event information is dependent on the event organizer, not Zwift.

Have a look at the following which both provide more detailed information for events:

(Jeff) #3

the issue primarily is for group rides that I vastly prefer. these group rides by and large use routes that are not listed in the select your route drop down list. the select your route drop down list lists probably only 25% of the routes on zwift. so when I sign up for group rides I want to know is it a climbing route or not and wells as elevation gain. so I need to use google and read user comments to reverse engineer it as zwift and zwift companion are useless with no information. descents on zwift and in real life sort of suck as keeping power levels high is close to impossible.

(Nigel ) #4

I’ve yet to do a group ride that didn’t have the course listed in the drop down. How else can they they do them?

(David Lee Cryo-Gen) #5

Hi if it’s the group rides in particular that you are after the course info for.

Try this link on Zwiftpower:

It has all events listed which you can also filter to find specific ones.

When you click on to a listed event it gives you the distance, elevation gain and a profile of the route.



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(Lin) #6

There are event specific routes which will not show up in the route selection if you are doing free ride. But, to say/estimate 75% of the routes are “event specific” and not listed in the free ride route selection is quite exaggerated. Some of the event specific routes have a lead-in due to the location of the start pen. Some of those lead-ins are longer than others and can add several kilometers. I would not consider that a different/special route. However, there are actual event specific routes that can only be selected/ridden during events. A few off the top of my head would be the Bologna Giro TT course, any of the “xxx After Party” routes on various worlds, and Gotham Grind in NYC.

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(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #7

You can find all routes here.

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(Jeff) #10

@Gerrie_Delport_TeamZ @ARTEMIS thx, I have been there. I am glad that others have done this needed task probably because it was lacking in zwift. the question is why is this feature not part of zwift? why create more routes but not fully document the created routes that exist? go to another website sort of sucks and is clumsy from the user experience. I do this too often because I have too. practically none of the events I ride are documented in zwift itself.