Event distances

(Lorin Beidler Zhr(E)) #1

Am I missing something or does Zwift make it rather difficult for us to know the total distance for most events?

I usually access via iPhone

Unless I’m missing something it seems like the only way to find out the total distance is to google the given route (which also is sometimes hidden) then multiplying by the number of laps

Why can’t every event spell out at the top of the description — the course, the number of laps AND the total distance?

This is usually the fact that matters most to me

(David Kutassy) #2

I’m new to Zwift but I can’t find total mileage on most events either. Some list it but most don’t. If I’m tight on time to spend playing Zwift I have to avoid races/groups because I don’t know if it will take 20mins or an hour and a half.

(Gerrie Delport) #3

This will help you to find events.

(i van) #4

This is definitely a problem with events right now. Total distance and elevation details are too cryptic at the moment.

(David Kutassy) #5

I join events with the companion app. It’s a minor inconvenience but I shouldn’t need to check a different list of the same events just to find the distance.

(Gerrie Delport) #6

I usually plan my events a day or two in advance, because i like to look at the route and the route profile before I do a race/ride.

(Niklas Vennström) #7

Totally agree with this. This needs to be posted in the feedback forum as well.