Display ride DISTANCE in ZML Events

(T itanium Spine) #1

I would love to see the event total distance displayed in Zwift Mobile Link. Right now it lists the course and total laps – see example picture below. This would be especially helpful as our list of route options increases in Zwift. I have trouble remembering what’s what, and knowing the distance right away helps me gauge the time I’ll need to complete an event.



(Vibeke Bertram [FEAR] (B)) #2

YES that would be nice. I have no clue how long the different labs are.

(Julia Snaith [FEAR]) #3

This would be great! Whenever I look at any event I end up having to google the route to see how long it is! Seeing the distance listed would be very useful as it would give me an idea how long I’ll be riding, helps with juggling family commitments!

(Jane Richardson [FEAR] (C)) #4

Yes think this a great idea for those events which are distance based plus I rhink it would be good to include total vertical meters and a link to the Pages that provide more detail about the ride eg https://zwiftinsider.com/route-details/

(Ms Sakushi [Fear]) #5

Yes, please add this information. It will be very helpful when choosing rides/races. Plus course details as Jane suggested would be awesome! 

(Stacey Wilson [FEAR]) #6

This would be wonderful! I always end up having to check the route to see if I have time or if I’m up for that distance. Going back and forth between google and the mobile app is such a pain and it would simplify things.

(Jenny Price REVO) #7

Totally agree that this would be a great addition please. I end up doing the same as @julia snaith

(David Bossert TeamType1) #8

I like to see this added as well. I’d also like to see the elevation gain to be shown as well. Also the ability to sort rides by flat and hilly would be a nice filter on the events page within ZML.

(Amy Levang [FEAR]) #9

Yes! I’ve often wished this was displayed. If I know the distance I can somewhat gauge what my time commitment will be.

(Darren Hague [Paceline RT]) #10

Another YES vote here - it would really help with time planning.

(Will Johnson) #11

Yea please! Tired of Googling the route lengths. It’s getting harder to remember them all with new ones being added all the time :slight_smile:

(Kerri Monaghan) #12

I think it is a great idea, particularly for new Zwifters like myself who are not familiar with the distances of all of the routes.

(Sara Fish[FEAR]) #13

 I agree, I need to know the distance of the event to be able to judge if I’m able to do it or not.  I would love that!

(Ole-Kristian Hagen) #14

I guess it should be possible to display the estimated time to complete for the different groups as well since they have an average W/Kg indication.