Why do events never list distances?

Everytime I feel like racing, I browse the upcoming events, and none of them mention race distance… why? Why do they all say n number of laps of course x. I don’t know how long course x is, so how am I supposed to know how long the races is. It’s insane to expect everyone to memorize all the course distances.

You can use zwiftpower site event list, there also more info about additional features of rides like full draft, flat/mountains, late joins etc

Thanks, Anton, but Zwift Power is guilty of the same thing in most cases. It us much more convenient to use the mobile app to join events while riding. I don’t want to have to navigate to another web site. Zwift just need to includes distances. I don’t understand why this viral piece of information is left out.


As i can see zp doesn’t show distance for timed events, workouts and tour of London as it depends on category. Make sense for me.
But basically you are right, it will be nice to have that info in ZCA

I totally agree with you. It’s literally one of the most basic pieces of information when considering whether to do an event along with the start time. I, too, browse the events using the mobile companion app to see what events are upcoming but end up having to dig around online in order to find total race distance before I can commit.

Zwift Power is great and I certainly look at it for results, etc. but the suggestion that it should be used in place of sufficient information on the companion app where registrations take place is a bit much!

Is it that hard for Zwift to include this bit of information in the descriptions for races? Instead of listing # of laps it should simply be total race distance!

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I agree! But I’m also sure that they will work on this or are working as we speak… There is so much going on with all the bugs and wishes, so it must be crazy house at zwift right now :wink:


I definitely agree with you. There should be more numbers in the app’s join-a-ride menu – at the very least watts/kg and time — if it’s a group ride — but distance and elevation would be best. The letters aren’t enough.

Perhaps the feature is too difficult to implement, so it’s being put off for some other time? But I wonder if the Zwift programmers could figure out a simple, though less elegant, way to do it. Perhaps they could to force event organizers to type in more quantitative information, and then the numbers would automatically get pasted into the title?

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This is also something that not really clear to me, not from IT perspectives and not from user experience perspectives when developing an app.
Since from IT perspectives the system already has all the necessary data, so it is just a field that should be forced during the event creation, or some hidden field that calculates the events data based on the laps, leads in etc and imported into the main event screen, or brief event screen.
From user experience perspectives, well… users asks for those simple features loudly and on different forums)))

And from the same subject of user experience, the events filtering on official zwift page is horribly… sorry, but also not clear, if the Event DB already exists, why not bring more search fields to it distances, elevation, repeating events…just bring all those existing fields for filtering and users will deal with it)) + it could be attached to personal calendar with personal planning for days, weeks, months ahead based on users preferences + integration with users business calendar and so on, and so on , and so on

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