Understanding Events

Hi! Im new to racing and the events. When looking on Zwift Companion, some races tell me the time, some tell me the distance, but others just say things like “2 Laps”. The description of these events dont seem to tell me how long the courses are or how far a lap is. How can I get this info? For instance today there is an ZHCC Sub 2.0 for 2 laps but I cannot figure out how long this is.

Easiest is go to https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/, and filter on whichever criteria you need.

It’s been said many times though that this should be in the native Zwift ecosystem and users should not have to look at a 3rd party website to find this info.

This is not Zwift’s fault. Zwift does not write the descriptions for all of the group rides. Contact the event/ride organizer.

As @Ricky_Dee1 previously mentioned, check out Zwifthacks. Another good option is Zwiftpower.

But it wouldn’t take much for Zwift to add a total distance data box. They know the course, they know the number of laps. It’s not difficult. It just hasn’t been done.