Events indicating laps only

(gigi anderson) #1

Hello, this winter I am riding indoors for the first time and thanks to Zwift events, it is not tedious. As I am not very strong yet, I try to plan my workouts in terms if distance or duration. The events that tell me how long they are going to last or how long the rides are, are helpful in planning my time, etc., but events indicating laps only are hard to figure out as I am not familiar with the routes. It would be great if the distance were shown, too, next to the event titles. Or maybe there is a way to find out the length of these routes I am not aware of. I submitted this request to the Zwift team but am curious how other riders manage these laps-only events.

(Kevin Brown) #2

ZwiftInsider has full course details (length and elevation gain) for every course.

(Gerrie Delport) #3

Or use this site to find your rides and races.


(gigi anderson) #4

Thanks for this information. I was using my mobile phone to register for events only. Thanks again!