Couple of issues

As a relative newcomer to Zwift I find it frustrating that quite a lot of ‘events’ don’t tell how long the ride is, just the number of laps which is pretty meaningless to me at the moment so I don’t enter because I don’t know what I’m in for. Therefore I’m missing what is probably a lot of good stuff. This is quite frustrating.

The other thing is the sprints and things on the courses don’t have a clear start point. The finish is usually pretty clear but quite often I’ve passed the start without realising it which is disappointing. Can’t we have a banner or something which shows the start of these small stages more clearly?


Peter: Try this website to see more event datails

also go to for maps and more information.


Sprints and KOM you will learn very quickly, every world only have 2 sprints.

Watopia share the same sprint banner so it is just forward and back, same with London. Richmond has them at different places on the flat section.



Why should we have to go to another website to find the distance of a route? Just put the distance in the event. Maybe it’s too difficult for the Zwift programming team.

My thoughts exactly, is it too much to ask for?