Couple of issues

(Peter Timmons) #1

As a relative newcomer to Zwift I find it frustrating that quite a lot of ‘events’ don’t tell how long the ride is, just the number of laps which is pretty meaningless to me at the moment so I don’t enter because I don’t know what I’m in for. Therefore I’m missing what is probably a lot of good stuff. This is quite frustrating.

The other thing is the sprints and things on the courses don’t have a clear start point. The finish is usually pretty clear but quite often I’ve passed the start without realising it which is disappointing. Can’t we have a banner or something which shows the start of these small stages more clearly?


(Gerrie Delport) #2

Peter: Try this website to see more event datails

also go to for maps and more information.


Sprints and KOM you will learn very quickly, every world only have 2 sprints.

Watopia share the same sprint banner so it is just forward and back, same with London. Richmond has them at different places on the flat section.



(John Cole) #3

Why should we have to go to another website to find the distance of a route? Just put the distance in the event. Maybe it’s too difficult for the Zwift programming team.

(Peter Timmons) #4

My thoughts exactly, is it too much to ask for?