Group Event improvements

I wish the Group Events included more specific detail. For example, instead of saying that tonight’s SUB2 Ride @ 8:00PM (Eastern) will be “2 laps”, why not be more specific like 30km distance, estimated 55-65 minutes, etc? Maybe even a map of the planned route. This would help me decide knowing if I could squeeze the ride into my schedule.

Another improvement would be “Event Notifications” so when I check off an event ride to indicate that I’m joining, the Zwift Mobile app could then offer to notify me 5/15/30/etc minutes before-hand.

Hey Issac - notifications are coming very soon along with some of the other improvements you suggest. Stay tuned!

I’ve just logged in so that I could post almost exactly what Isaac has already said.

Most importantly, it came to my attention this weekend that a lot of the group rides listed on the Mobile Companion app specify their distance / route as a lap count, but don’t give any indication of how far 1 lap of the specified type is.

I would say 80% of the group rides listed do this, and it’s a problem because you actually have no way of knowing what actual distance that group ride will be unless you happen to already know how far 1 lap on the specified course, of the specified type, actually is.

If number of laps is cited then a total distance ALSO needs to be cited in brackets next to it or something similar.

As Isaac stated, there are also other things that could be included to make it even more informative, but for me the lack of any indication of actual distance is a deal breaker at the moment.

I prefer to browse available events on the Mobile Companion app on my phone and book for them on there, ahead of time, rather than doing that on a PC, and I’m sure many other members will probably prefer that too.

Having said all that, the group ride / event features are generally awesome and Zwift is getting better and better by the day, so great job Zwift team, and ride on!

This is my single biggest issue with the mobile app. I am shocked that rides or races would be listed without a distance! This just seems like common sense to list the lengths of the ride. I thought for sure I had some setting wrong and had the length of the rides hidden for some reason. This is a very simple feature that should have been there from the beginning.