How do I see how far a race is?

I’ve just signed up to a month trial of Zwift. Really not a good start folks. Terrible website and feel like you have to hunt for user guide etc. In particular how on earth do you know how far the races are and gradients etc?

You’re right, Zwift’s own website leaves much to be desired. Luckily others have stepped in to build what is needed.

For event listings I recommend ZwiftHacks
For guides/tips/tricks and route profiles etc then Zwift Insider is the place to go.

also, download the Zwift Companion App on your phone, it will have all the details for events and races. The Zwift website is garbage.


Thanks, 1 day into trial and mind made up. If I have to start searching on other sites for info Zwift should have then it’s a no from me.

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but… but… Boost mode!

(sorry, inside joke)


? you gonna enlighten me?

LOL, We got a new race mode called Boost Mode a few months ago, and a new power up (steamroller I think) but if you search the forums for the most popular feature requests, you’ll see that they that have been ignored for years (while the community has been asking for them over and over again).

No one is asking for new race modes and power ups, we just want the game to work better and improve the UI so it makes sense. Like why do you have to start a ride in order to change your bike or jersey, why can’t you do that BEFORE you start riding? Why does the program save and exit, why not return to the main menu?


Thanks but my dog makes more sense than Zwift. Going back to Tacx Premium

Hi James,
I can understand where you’re coming from, and Zwift CEO Eric Min has said earlier this year “we need to make it easier” - recognising exactly what you’re saying - that Zwift could be, and should be, easier for newcomers to get to grips with. So hopefully if you stick with Tacx for now and try Zwift again this time next year, you might find it better.
There’s a reason Zwift is so popular - if you can navigate the niggles and bugs it’s a brilliant platform, so do come back and try it again in future.