HELP with advice. I'm new to pro biking!

(James Mitchell) #1

Hi guys!

I just started using Zwift and it seems that I’m like super behind everyone and then I run out of shape.  I’m 43, Male.


Are there suggested courses on Zwift for newbies out of shape?  Needless to say it’s not much fun when I’m well behind the whole pack and everyone is passing me as if I were a turtle. 


Really appreciate your help!

(Gerrie Delport) #2

HI James, 


I wont start with any races. There are a bunch of flat roads in Zwift.

Choose a flat road and have fun, there will always be people passing, that is just cycling. Don’t let that bother you. 

(James Mitchell) #3

Thank you! Great idea! Are people passing me real humans, robot animations, or both? 

If I do the same flat race, does Zwift or Strava remember my result so I can “compete with myself” and do better on the same map with each ride?

Lastly, the names on the right are so small I can’t see any. Anything I can do to enlarge the names and stats of my race?

(Gerrie Delport) #4
  1. The guys passing/riding with you are human. If there is robots they are blue translucent, but I havent seen them in a long time.

  2. Yes if you save your rides to strava you can look at sections or whole rides and compare your time.

  3. The size of the names cant be changed, that a a shortcoming of a small screen. You can download the mobile link app and look at the names there.

(James Mitchell) #5

thanks for all your help, man!  

2 more quick questions:

  1. I selected Classique race which should be 3.3 miles but after riding for 5 miles I gave up. plus it was far more than 19 Meters elevation. I’m confused. any possible explanations?

  2. have you used any sources how to best use Zwift in general? for instance some stuff pops up on the screen that I have no idea what it means, and just generally a guide to using Zwift to its’ best potential?

(James Mitchell) #6

I figured out what happenned. I use iPad, and no matter what track I select, including Classique, it keeps dropping me into London loop. 

Unless you have some suggestions, I will open a ticket with tech support somehow. 

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #7

 you start  at the start line, when the turn come up for  the Classique it will turn you on to it.  

(Gerrie Delport) #8

Good morning James.

There are 3 different “Worlds” to ride London, Richmond and Watopia. But Zwift have pre selected days for each so Today is London. 

Each World has different routes that you can ride some flat some Hills.

See this link to a users manual.

Let us know if you have more Questions.

(James Mitchell) #9

hi Guys, I got about worlds but part I don’t get is no matter when I select any race, it always shows the “London Loop” as the track.  I wanted to select Classique but it never shows up as a track. 

". Bath Salts (80Kg) Fix Bull Pen Zwift" above mentions when the turn come up for the Classique it will turn me onto it. but I guess it doesn’t do that or I select something incorrectly on my screen so I keep going the loop way. 

Sometimes options pop up for turns. should I just not select anything to let the default option turn me and that becomes Classique?

(Paul Allen) #10

Don’t select a race, just ride what course you want. If you have the Zwift Mobile Link you can control where you turn along with many other features.

(Gerrie Delport) #11

Hi James:

After you selected the route that you want to do you dont have to select any turns Zwift will take the correct turns. 


So Today is London, no other worlds to ride on for today. see the course schedule below.

when you are on the Start menu you will see the different routes that you can ride (today all the ones in London)

The Picture shown below where to select the Route (the picture is for Watopia so the names will be different)



Below is a map of London. On the right you can see the different routes.


(James Mitchell) #12

Guys just to clarify. and THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, I am using iPad, do I still need mobile link with that? It has controls of its’ own. 

I understand different worlds, schedule, etc and that only London is available now. 

I select “Just Ride” and select “Classique” but somehow on the top it still says “London Loop” not Classique, and when I ride, it takes me on the entire London Loop, not Classique. 

  1. I assume when I select Classique, it should say Classique when “just ride” starts, not London Loop

  2. I assume the ride distance will be as defined by Classique, but somehow it turns out to be the entire loop. 

On the bottom, sometimes, there are pop up turns. if I leave them as selected, would that make it Classique, with flat short drive? 

(Gerrie Delport) #13

Im using a windows plat form so some things might be a bit different. so bare with me.

I suggested the mobile link if you want to see the rider list bigger. But you dont have to use it.

  1. Can you post a screen shot pls? 

  2. Yes the distance is defined by the route you select, Classique should be 3.3mile (5.4km) for one lap, you can do as many laps as you want. Did you end up riding 9.2mile (14.9km). Over box hill?

Yes you should not select those turns at the bottom if you want to keep riding your preselected route.