Event duration and selection

Not really a technical issue, more about content. Many of the cycling event descriptions give no indication of how long the event will be, either in distance or in time. They may say the number of laps but without the course that the event will run on that’s not much help. It makes scheduling participation difficult or impossible.

Could be I’m not looking in the right place.

If you click on the event in the Companion app you will see that information

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When looking for a cycling event to take part in on a future day, you have to scroll forward through the event list quite a way to get to a particular time & date slot. You then pick an event, read its description and if it’s not suitable or the description is insufficient (see my other post about no distance/time info) you then have to go back to the list and start scrolling all the way down again to get to the next likely event. It gets very laborious to find an event that’s suitable.
Maybe there’s a better way to go back & forth between Event list & Event description.

you should try this.


I moved this to keep it all together.

Edit: I had the wrong link.

Thanks for the tip Gerrie. Need to get off the PC and use the App I guess. Navigation is a lot easier as well.

See my post above, I had the wrong link. It is the correct one.

Wow, yes. Zwifthacks for ever!! Thanks again Gerrie.