How to know length/duration from events page

Not sure if I’m missing something, but often when I’m looking for an event to join (from the website events section), I cannot tell how long the event is (either KM or time) is it visible anywhere? Or is it dependant on the event creator to type it into the description? See screen shot for an example.


Ah sorry, just realised that 1) I posted this in wrong forum…2) It’s answered in the Events forum…I should use the Companion App, rather than the website to see this.

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That is the one thing missing from the event page.

That is why I prefer to use


Oh that’s cool, didn’t know that, thanks


Yeah, the Zwift events list is less than optimal for choosing your rides based on length/duration and/or ride level. I would strongly suggest Zwiftpower. If you’re going to be doing lotsa events, I would suggest creating a Zwiftpower account along with using the Zwift Companion app on your phone. ZP’s events page is IMHO the best list to use and the rest of the site gives you lotsa metrics for your fitness. Highly recommended.

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