What is the best way to determine race length

I did a race this AM that was supposed to be 15miles, but ended up being 6miles. Why doesn’t Zwift show the distance as part of the event in their event search ??? I see know way to reliability determine distance and worse sometimes what they list is incorrect. any tips to help here?

the Race was ZHQ FutureWorks Circuit Race - Anti-sandbagging - which which claimed 23 km, but was less than 10. even Zwiftpower shows the course as being some different than it was.

Is it possible you looked at the distance for the A race, but then signed up for the D race (which is shorter)?

that might be possible. where do we see the lengths per category ?

it is best to use the companion app to sign up, all the information should be there. The events page on zwift.com is rubbish.


that is what I needed! I didn’t know about the companion. downloading it now. thanks you. yes, zwift website is really, really bad. thank you!

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Or of course there is always my go-to for events:


Have you signed up on Zwiftpower.com too?

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