Shorter events?

My wife and I just started zwift. Our goal is exercise, we aren’t cyclists but we have really been enjoying zwift so who knows!
We are having trouble finding events that are shorter. For example I’d love to do a nice somewhat intense 15-20 minutes and it seems like 99% of the events I see will be an hour long commitment, just too long stamina wise for us and also way to long to jump on after work during the week.

You don’t have to do events. You can just ride. If you join a busy world you’ll have plenty of people to ride along with.

Check out ZwiftPower or Zwift Hacks to help you search for shorter events. They allow you to see event distances more clearly.

Hi Jason,
why not and try to create your own repeated event?
Short weekly or twice a week event competition of 10 km ride.
It might be popular, since you have a reason about most of the events that take about an hour.

Just join events and ride for 20 min then say goodbye. Happens all the time in events I do. The leaders usually thank you for joining. No problems.


I agree. I have had the same issue.

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Joining and quitting works but I thought there is some type of credit you get for finishing events. That also removes a little bit of the fun but I get it I’m the one that doesn’t have the time to do a full hour.

Some events will have some sort of credit. For example the Tour de Zwift you get a jersey if you completed all nine stages. You’ll get a jersey for completing the Zwift Fondo.

But for the vast majority of events, particularly group rides, it’s just the social aspect of riding a specific route with a bunch of other people. If you have to leave early, no problem - and you won’t lose out on anything.

(With a race you’ll potentially miss out on race points or suchlike if it’s part of a race series, that sort of thing; but nothing explicit in-game.)