Event times = 59min


I was just wanting to put forward the idea that group rides and races should finish 1 minute before the hour (5.00 to 5.59 as an example). ZwiftPower throw’s out your result if you’re not there for the entire ride yet the race/ride may have finished before the top of the hour. Then when I go back into ZwiftPower to pull the results to post up on the WWW some riders are missing…etc…

Also if you need to ride another ride straight after the first you either lose your ZP result or start late on the next ride that you join?

Let me know if I’m doing things wrong…


I think this is very edge case!

Also, the length of group rides is entirely up to the event organiser.

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Thanks for your reply James. As you say it’s up to both the ride organizer and the person competing.