TdZ Long Ride 1st finisher took 2mins on Zwift Power

So apparently the 17:00 GMT TdZ stage 2 ride up the Alpe was finished yesterday in 2mins20secs.

In fact the first 3 times are clearly all false. When I saw this last night I assumed the server would update eventually but now I’m doubtful!

It also says we all rode 24km, when the event was 28km

Late joiners (malfunction by the looks actually). A bunch of these AdZ rides are similar.

EDIT: looks like the original Fire and Ice started at the Volcano, so rather than ZP picking up our actual distance covered, its picking up a pre-set course config somehow I suspect.

Doesn’t really matter. It’s not a race.

The front was a race, even if the rest wasn’t :wink: to be honest it’s more out of curiosity than anything. I don’t like data errors as they’re my day job!

Yeah the first rider can’t be a late joiner, there’s a 30 minute limit on that I think

It’s showing the map for the B Category rather than the A one. I suspect ZP wasn’t built to display routes when each category has a different one.

It’s also not made for late joiners!

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Well there we go, it has now updated to a much more sensible set of results

Some staff members read this forum :wink:


Appreciated, on Sunday, longer weekend (I believe holiday on Monday in the USA?)!

Thanks James :blush:

Were you just in the 3R ride too?

No, PB hunting on ADZ :slight_smile:

@James_Zwift I have a vaguely related question - in the pen those that join later on are further back so take longer to pass the start point, does ZP use the time from the start of the race or from the time the start point is crossed? If the latter then the the finish order will be a little different than the order of finishers in the event. Not that it matters as it’s not a race… :laughing:

I think as a general rule, Zwiftpower gets a bit upset when late join is involved, but in honesty, I’m not sure how it handles those that do late join.

With there being so many events to choose from I would probably advocate taking away late join but luckily for most I don’t get to make those sort of decisions :slight_smile:

I don’t think he is asking about late join, but if you join the pens with just a minute to go you will be all the way in the back of the group which could be 1,000 riders in front of you. When the gate opens you have to ride all the way down the pier for example until the timer starts. What happens to those 30 seconds or so while riding through the start pens?

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Oh, sorry. I misread starting later as starting later in time.

The Zwiftpower times begin as soon as the timer hits zero. There wouldn’t be any way around this.

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Ah so the lead up to the start banner is counted for everyone and so the event/race order is the same on ZP as in Zwift. Also, stop the late join thing :slight_smile:

As it should be really, everybody has the option of joining early if they want to, I have been. Given drafting, it would become an advantage to start further back, move up at the start (from the very back might be a big ask but further back than the front) and be there at the end. People around you would be sprinting with no idea they’ve got no chance of ‘winning’.

Given the front is treated as a race, trust me I’ve been there, it is (and why shouldn’t it be, it’s not a beacon lead group ride, racing is in no way discouraged) that seems unfair.

Yes this is important and seemed to be the way it works though it’s a shame so my riders aren’t on ZP - maybe everyone should be added automatically? Of course if you’re more interested in Strava segment times starting later on might be a good idea due to the increases draft potential.

Really pleased to see you here James

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Not much point worrying about Strava times whilst meet-ups invalidate that whole system