How did he finish TDZ Stage 1 (C) in 2 minutes and 23 secs?

zid 2556541 on ZwiftPower

I was in this race today (see above), in C category and somehow the person the first place winner of C finished the course, of 13.6 km, in 2 mins 23 seconds.

Obviously it’s a bug, but how could it happen? Did they find a shortcut route lol?

Late Join is effectively a shortcut. You’ll get placed with the leaders on the road so you could easily start the ride 12km in and then you’d have to just ride the last 1.6km which would give you a quick time.

It looks like the results on ZwiftPower don’t show the 2 min 23 sec finisher anymore. Maybe his time has been adjusted to count from the start of the ride or maybe his time has just been deleted. Hard to know without knowing any more than what you have posted.


Ah interesting, I thought he was removed before too but then he came back. I suppose the different servers could be syncing up now.

I thought I read that while Late Join is permitted, the late join times won’t be in the results just for this very reason.

Maybe it’s sorted now.

Ya, seems like it sorted itself out.

Thanks everyone for the info about Late Join. I assumed it would have placed those riders at the back of the peloton but evidently not :thinking:

That brings up another point. There’s a nice disparity going on in the running portion. I’m struggling with a sore finger to do the elevation change on my treadmill to keep as close to the race as possible and making pretty good time. There there are those screaming by me on a 5-8% incline because they just run flat and don’t change the elevation. The running rankings are bogus because of this. I don’t know what the solution is but when it comes to racing, it’s completely unfair. Verify with a treadmill photo showing elevation or something. Running needs to come out of Beta with some better ways to check elevation.