MAAP results in ZwiftPower

It’s bad enough that late joiners are occasionally dropped in with the leaders (not a ZwiftPower problem, I admit), but why on earth do they appear in the results ahead of people who rode the whole stage? In any set of results for stage 3C you can easily pick out the latest of the late joiners because they don’t have a 20-minute power average.

It’s sorted by time for the event and ZP it’s designed to remove riders because they don’t have 20 minute power.

Also, it’s not a race.

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Well, to be fair, the event description doesn’t say it isn’t a race, and there were certainly a whole lot of people treating it exactly like it was one.

I imagine any perceived unfairness would go away if Zwift dropped late-joiners (say) 3/4 of the way down the field.

To be fair just the way it is being setup does not look like a race. It is just a big fondo where you can ride or race.
Finishing in the top does not mean a lot since you don’t know how may was just riding and who were racing.

Or didn’t post the results on Zwiftpower at all.


Does it really matter?

When I “race” a fondo type event, I just ignore the late joiners when reviewing the results in ZwiftPower. If I hold ~90% of my max heart rate for more than an hour, and finish high in the rankings compared to other people in my ZwiftPower category, I feel like that’s a “win” in a fondo event.

Similar to Paul, whilst I treat these events as races, its my personal goals that I’m out to achieve, nothing to do with ranking. I really enjoy these larger events with effectively one Category and a choice of routes to suit, on the day.

Out of interest, this was discussed previously (having the option to late join in the pen would be nice), but the voting on the Feature Request suggests that the community isn’t overly enthused, which aligns to the views here. But if anyone wants to, go ahead and vote this up …