Group Ride times

I’ve been on Zwift for nearly a year, but haven’t done any Group Rides until this 2021 TDZ. I’ve completed stages 2 - 8 and still need to catch up Stage 1 (by the time I had convinced myself this was something I could do, I had missed stage 1). I noticed something in Stage 8 that is confusing. When I finished the stage, the timer on the screen said just over 52 minutes to complete the stage. However, when I saved the ride, my “official” time is set at 1h04. I checked on ZwiftPower and I saw a number of riders I had ridden with get around the 52 minutes finishing time (I’m not registered on ZwiftPower). Why do I have 1h04 as a finishing time? Does the game count the lead-in but not ZwiftPower? Is it a glitch? It’s not a major problem, I just want to understand how it works for when I do more rides like this in future?

The times are always different between the Zwift activity and Zwiftpower. It’s normal. I think it’s probably the lead-in, yes.

Thanks Steve.

Yup… If the stage has a lead in then it will be counted on the Zwift activity but not on the results for the event.

There are make up days from 13th February, so keep your eye out for the missing stage 1 so you can complete the set.

I just checked and mine don’t match either, but the difference isn’t that great. ZwiftPower shows 50:25 whereas Strava shows 52:06 (downloaded directly from Zwift). Difference can’t be the lead-in since that was way longer than just 1:41 and it can’t be the time in the pen since I was there for around 5 minutes. I may have ride the 1:41 after the stage was finished. On Strava/Zwift, I think it’s the time spent riding the course, even after the event finished. Did you continue to ride for another 12 minutes after the finish line and not exist the ride immediately?

Thanks Martyn. I will book the make-up ride as soon as it opens :slightly_smiling_face:

No, I stopped immediately after the event and saved the ride. I warmed up in the pen for about 10 minutes before the ride, but I can’t imagine they would include that in the activity time. I warmed up in the pen for all the other stages too for 5-10 minutes each time and never noticed a significant time difference before. Incidentally, my Strava time is 53:16, which is close to the time I expected for the ride and close to the ZwiftPower times of the guys whose names I recognised as riding around me. Strava also says the activity was 33.65 km and Zwift says 33.7km so distance matches pretty closely. It’s just Zwift says it took me 1h04. Weird.

It depends where Zwiftpower thinks the start of the event route is. I don’t know the answer to that for each stage, and for Stage 8 maybe it wasn’t all the way down to the start/finish arch but somewhere else, e.g. the start of the dirt section? I’m only guessing, but these times are always different.