Confusion over TDZ stage time

So I just finished TDZ stage 1. At the end of the stage the pop up told me I finished in 108:21. I read my stats and then left. Zwift companion has me down as 1:08:45. I think that’s the time it took me to read the stats. Strava has me down as 1:08:44 and Zwiftpower as 1:08:51.

I am having GC battle with a group of friends so really want to know the correct time. I have 4 to choose from WTF!? I get the feeling it’s the first one - but if you don’t make a note or screenshot while you are vomiting over the handle bars, these numbers are gone forever. I think?

Let everyone use the Strava segment time or the Zwiftpower time.

As long as you all are using the same time.

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Except, if you hang around after the race handing out kudos or vomiting - you will get a worse time. And I don’t know about going by Zwiftpower because I have no idea how they came to their conclusion.

You would think knowing your finishing time in a race would be a straight forward matter.

I don’t know what you mean.

Strava segments is being used worldwide.

Zwiftpower is also used by the top racers and they track segment times and TT times for many race series.

Your first time is taken from when you exit the start pens. You should notice that the clock doesn’t start counting until you are out of the pens. Usually there is a white line just outside the pens where the clock will start. This is a well known quirk of Zwift and easily checkable on any youtube stream.

Everything else is based on when the countdown clock hits zero and you actually start riding. No idea why Zwiftpower is 6 seconds longer though. It’s up to you and your friends to determine the source of timing but I wouldn’t be using the end of stage pop up as it 1. doesn’t include the time exiting the pens and 2. isn’t permanently recorded.

random wondering… is the time it takes getting to the starting line counted?

It depends on where in the starting pen you start.

What are you running Zwift on? Wondering if the differences in Zwift timings could be related to the one where in a workout on Apple TV the workout timer runs faster than elapsed timer.