Demand for shorter races

Would anyone else like to see more shorter races on zwift. Up to 20k?

There are 22 races tomorrow up to 20km. Is there something you’re wanting to see that’s not on offer in the current schedule?

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Morning! Would anyone else appreciate if there were more shorter races on zwift throughout the day? With work and family the most my husband and I can do is 17-20k but these shorter races are seldom compared to others. Friends in our cycking club have also agreed. Trying to seek some traction to support this. Please get involved if you agree.

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I’m not sure why you posted the same thing in two different threads but, as noted in the response to your other post, there are presently quite a few short races every day. I see 13 remaining today and nearly 20 tomorrow.

You can see shorter races more easily using ZwiftHacks, for example.

Any on Crit City tend to be short.

Hi Sheena,
I like your approach, ie to “demand” a change.
For too long now, us Zwifters have been “asking” for changes and more often than not, they are ignored. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I’m with you. Voted.

Oops, just realised I can’t vote. Sorry. I still agree though.


Agreed! Shorter races please! I’d like to use my break time from work to attend 30mins type races but they’re scarce!
Come on Zwift!

You should present your ideas to race organizers, not Zwift. Personally, I like 16 km time trials which are scarce. Also, be more specific, such as a 3 lap Crit City Race or a single flat lap of Innsbruckring . WBR (now is renamed3R?) has a lot of short races.

Now you can just use the Meetup function with race results and schedule your own races.

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