Fewer Zwift races not working for me

I know that recently Zwift has reduced the number of races in an effort to create larger packs. I like the idea of larger race groups, but the schedule changes have left me with multiple evenings each week with no race options at my preferred riding time.

I’m less interested in workouts, group rides, etc. and hope we might see a little bump up in race options to minimize dead spots. Thanks.

Zwift didn’t do this.

It’s “quiet season” where you’ll see less events on the platform.

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My bad. I read a zwiftinsider article entitled, “Zwift Announces Race Calendar Cleanup” dated 12.27.22 and assumed that’s what was going on. I don’t suppose a garden variety zwift rider like me can initiate a midweek race? My schedule is a little bit fixed and racing is my thing. I’ve tried the pace partners, workouts, etc. and just don’t enjoy it the same way. If the calendar is relatively fixed I’ll work with what’s there. Thanks.

No, it’s okay. There were some technical difficulties moving them to Club only and the amount of time that had passed since I had reviewed the events originally so I didn’t feel it was fair to just remove them.

One option to improve your odds would be to join a team/club that organizes events (either public or private) and is regionally associated with your preferred race time, so you can lobby for what you need. I joined a club that regularly has well-attended private club events in the UK evening so I can enjoy racing in the US afternoon with a regular crew of people.

That would be nice if we could easily find those events. USA morning time has very few and low attendance.

I am a bit specific on the races that I enter (yes this is a me problem)
“requirements must use CE and See only event category riders”

I would like to join a club to participate but where to start. :sob:

Search for the Zwift Crit Racing Club :slight_smile:

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