My Suggested Improvements/Features


I appreciate that at least one or two of these may have been raised previously on multiple occasions, but wanted to flag a few of my suggested improvements:

  1. Please could we have more shorter events/races - say of around 30 minutes or 10-20kms - most events/races seem to be at least an hour.

  2. As numerous users comment, the front end of the app is fairly terrible and needs a complete overhaul - there has to be easier access to our profile and settings without having to go into a World. Also the FTP needs to be given more prominence, perhaps also with a suggested Group, like there is on ZwiftPower.

  3. Can we see more combined/linked riding and running events (and maybe with rowing as well when that is hopefully introduced soon!)? Duathlons/Triathlons. I know that these are provided by the community but would be good to see some Zwift organised combined events.

  4. Camera Angles - I would like to see an option for automatically rotating camera views.

  5. Please could it be made more obvious when you are starting a KOM or Sprint section, perhaps with a countdown and an option for a timer. It seems to be slightly random when the timer actually shows.

I think that is it for now - already a fantastic platform, but could be even better!


Hi Richard,

If you use a site like ZwiftHacks ( you can more easily find short races. Filter by <40km and there are quite a lot that are actually as short as you suggest.

For example. Most races are community led, rather than Zwift. But Zwift do have a lot of Crit City races that are short.


I think all of the sprint sections and KOMs have a line on the road and roadside marker where they begin. Part of riding a good sprint is learning the road and knowing where it starts, so you can start accelerating before you hit the marker.

Do you have a particular example of one that seems random?


In general, Crit City ones tend to be short, official or community.

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Thanks - although I still don’t think there are that many shorter races considering how many different races there are…

Not specifically, but given that the KOM/Sprint etc box pops up so early it is still difficult to know exactly when the section starts and it still can be easily missed (or maybe I am just not very observant!) Thanks.

Yes, I agree they are easily missed. The line on the road, and the post aren’t blatant. e.g.


If you’re not looking for it, you’ll often ride on by. Even worse with some of the sprint sections that might start on a bend, I think.

I’ve certainly asked for them to be more obvious in the past as well. But over time I’ve come to see it differently. I think of it more as just a case of road knowledge. Ride a road enough times and you’ll know where the sprint is, and it becomes much easier to pick out your own preferred “Go!” marker.

Take the fist Richmond sprint for example; I know that I want to start sprinting at the corner of a particular house on the right hand side. The key with most sprints is to already be at for very near top speed when you enter the segment - if you’re waiting for the start marker, you’ve already lost. :smiley:


Aren’t the sprints/koms also indicated on the mini profile thing (top right)?

The finish arches are on the mini map, but I don’t think the start lines are on it.

I must be more observant…

re: your #4 Camera Views request, I made an add-on script. If you’re using Windows, check it out here: