Help sorting through events

Hey guys. Just looking for a little support. I’m trying to get myself better at booking an event the night before and getting myself riding more days of the week. I am struggling though. I feel like most of what I see in events is follow the yellow leader, and that isn’t my style of riding. Help me filter maybe? Thanks.

Have you used Zwifthacks?

I currently have it filtered to D and E and group rides. Maybe that is keeping what I am looking for out? I used to do more rides where there would be 50-100 riders and we could all just start at our own pace, and after five or ten minutes, I’d usually find myself in a group of five or so that were my pace and we’d be together for the rest of the ride. I have found one group I like right now, but they do this banding thing, and I thrive on passing the next rider, which you can’t do with banding.

Most group rides have a leader, but most don’t have banding enabled. The BMTR Fundo and Mini-Fundo events are regular leaderless group rides that have large groups with different distances all starting together. And be sure to sign up for Tour de Zwift, Tour of Watopia, etc. You might also try entering an occasional race since it sounds like you enjoy the competitive aspect.

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as Paul said, most “group” rides have a leader and the point is to stay with the yellow beacon. Change your filters and open up other options to find races and fondos. Or just simply do a free ride, you don’t have to always do events to accomplish what you are looking for.

Okay. I’ll play with the filters a bit. Haven’t done anything ‘race’ before. Signed up for the tour. Forgot it didn’t start until after the holidays.

Another type of leaderless group ride is with a pace partner (some call it a “Robo Pacer”). Join one of those that’s well within your abilities. Hang around at the back of the bunch. As you approach a sprint banner, smash a massive sprint up through the group and go for a PR. Back off the power (but don’t stop) after the banner, and let the group catch you. You’ll need to research which routes have sprint banners before choosing. This option is always available to you.

Signed up for a race tomorrow that is not run by categories. Is there a way to determine my ftp in zwift without doing a test based on all of the rides I’ve already done?

Zwift probably already has a guess which you can see on your profile on the Zwift website. How accurate it is depends on how many hard efforts you have done at various different durations. You can find that info by going to the website, click on My Feed, then My Profile, and then More Info for maximum detail.

Sign up for ZwiftPower and it will also show you power data for events you have done, such as group rides. ZwiftPower is also the place to go for final results of races, after disqualified riders have been weeded out of the results.

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