Event reviews

Its seems zwift is now ‘flooded’ with events. A number i have started didnt even have a ride leader or any structure what so ever. Maybe some sort of basic stared review system or a plus minus to leave at history of views. Maybe even sort event by popularity or best rating. The popular well structured ‘i am what i say’ events would soon rise to the top.

Hey Mark.

We investigate reports of group rides (not races) having no ride leaders in attendance. Can you tell me the name(s) of the group rides you participated in that did not have a rider leader?  



VP EVENTS at Zwift, Inc.


I was in the same group ride as Mark. It was the Bike4Chai Training ride. In fact I’ve attended two of these B4C rides and there was no leader in either.

This is just an example I’m sure there are others

The other was the 100km end ride, no leader or structure.


I agree, group rides are far too hit and miss. There is a lot of variation in quality even between identical rides week-to-week. 

My suggestions would be to add some accountability:

  1. To the group ride owners: three strikes and out if they don’t provide a leader.

  2. To the riders: those who dart off the front or are generally not compliant get banned from the same ride next week. Give group leaders the ability to police this.

I’ve found that a ride without a leader is destined to become a brutally fast pace. It’s like half-wheeling in real-life riding.

I’d like to bump this one with some more input. I think a simple rating system for ride leaders and recurring rides would be beneficial for Zwift to determine if a ride can stay or not. I have been joining numerous group rides lately that have been very unstructured and poorly managed by the leader(s). I was in a ride today that was supposed to pace between 2.5 w/kg and 3.0 w/kg, which is a nice pace for me. The ride started with the leader dropping most of the 100+ riders at 3.5-4.0 w/kg and not communicating pace. The secondary leader with the red beacon did not do anything to help contain the group that was left behind. The group ride ended up just being too scattered and I was on my own or in small groups most of the time.