group riding

(Chris Wood) #1

recently i have started group riding.  i have a couple issues/ideas that i have thought of.  today, i participated in a group ride and we rode the opposite direction and i thought this was genius since there are fewer people riding this direction.  maybe make one direction each day for group rides (a thought, since everyone wants to ride each direction).   it would also be cool if there was a way to login to a group ride so the leaderboard would only reflect people in the group ride. I find it confusing trying to track everyone on group rides with others filtered in.  it would also be a cool thing if there was a window in one corner showing where i am in relation to others.  i am invisioning  a bunch of blue dots with yellow dot designating group leader.  i ask for this feature because every time a ride starts it is confusing where each rider stands in relation to group leader.  if i could tell where the leader was ahead or behind, i could slow  or catch to create a better experience for all riders involved.  i haven’t left many ideas but i have found group riding very fun and think there is a huge opportunity for zwift to be able to capitalize on this area.  holding multiple rides with different w/kg would create a huge draw for zwift.   hope these ideas are understandable.  contact me if you have any questions.  thanks!!   ride on!

(Chris Wood) #2

revision:  blue dots for everyone.  red for me and yellow for group leader.  this would allow me to see where i am in relation to others on group ride

(Roberta Abbott) #3

This is a great idea. A friend who has never tried Zwift recently sent out a group email to the local group I ride outdoors with asking if guys would be interested in riding together through the winter on Zwift.


Making group rides easier to do and more organized would help to make this even more attractive.