group riding

(Dennis Seitz) #1

Firstly, thanks for all the hard work and dedication to make the world of indoor cycling an enjoyable experience rather than just a chore. The other day myself and some buddy’s planned a group ride. It ended in chaos, and I finished up just riding alone. I figure there’s got to be a better way to facilitate those of us that want to do group rides/workouts. This is just an idea we had and discussed after that group session. Maybe after the log in screen and sensor hook up screen there could be an option to select (single rider or multiple rider) game. If you select (multiple ride) you are directed to choose between being a (group leader or pack rider). If you select pack rider you do not have any other options to select. Your pre-planned “group leader” will select all other options for the entire group. Ie. Zwift world to ride in (should this option become available) and course/workout. Also, this would give the leader the power to make in game, manual changes. Example: you guys want to do a 6x hill repeats. Only the leader needs to make direction changing selections. The rest of the group would just follow his/her lead. Also, by having selected multiple rider game your in game (leader board) could always include all of your group riders info. Riding on days with 3000+ riders out there, it’s easy to lose track of the riders you are with. Thanks for your time.

(Dennis Seitz) #2

Just another thought after I pressed submit. This would also enable in app group messages. Making it easier to communicate with your group.