Ride Alone

(Chris Bailey) #1

 It be nice, once in a while to be able to have the course to yourself. One of the reasons I ride is feel really alone once in a while. Being on a road, all by yourself can be liberating, zen like.

Be nice if that was an option, to have the course all to yourself on a particular ride.

Also — more long climbs please!! The new mountains are awesome!!


(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

You can do this.  Just turn of wi-fi (or unplug ethernet) after you arrive on the course and everyone will drop out.  Make sure to reconnect at the end if you have your account linked to upload to Strava or other services.

(Chris Bailey) #3

Thanks a ton — I’ll try it tonight!! Thought the game would blank out, but man being alone even inside the Zwift world once in a while is going to be nice!!

(E Cheever (B)) #4

Agreed. I’d like to see the option to ‘Ride Alone’ and then pick what course you want to ride of the 3 options available. If you wish to ride with others then the prescribed course via the Zwift calendar ensures there are plenty of people to ride with. Just a thought. The downside could possibly be that a bunch of people end up riding in isolation, undermining the online community intent of Zwift.  

(s b) #5

Agree as well. 

  1. be able to pick your ride/ route.

  2. be able to ride alone and get some peace.

I also use BKOOL, and continue to because of these two options, plus video rides.

and maybe 3) a feature voting system for zwift, if it doesn’t already exist.

(Chris Bailey) #6

s b - I was thinking about signing up for BKOOL as well, using their IOS option. Can I ask what platform you use and how much you like their simulator?

(Lance Campbell) #7

I think it would be nice to ride alone with people from your “friends list”, instead of hundreds or thousands of strangers. Sometimes, when I try to ride with a particular friend, its difficult to find them, and easy to lose them, in the hordes of strangers online.