Ride Alone & Enjoy the Scenery

Hi, I’ve enjoyed the ride and scenery in various swift locations. I think the scenery can be enjoyed more if less there are less riders on the road, and would be ideal for that ‘escape’ type of ride. Would be great if there is a button to trigger a ‘Ride Alone’ mode. Looking forward for update on this. Thank you.

Hi @Rizaldi_Baharuddin

Been super busy, but I happened to see this, and while we don’t have a ‘ride alone’ feature, you can simulate the same thing by disconnecting from the internet AFTER spawning into the world of your choice. This will make other riders disappear and you will be riding alone, able to enjoy the scenery. Just make sure to reconnect to the internet and give it a couple extra seconds to make sure the connection is complete and stable before clicking ‘exit and save’ to make sure your ride saves and uploads correctly.

Hope this helps!

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You can also use the newly introduced Meetup functionality to do this by creating a Meetup and selecting the ‘Meetup-Only View’. You will have to invite at least one other rider, but that rider doesn’t actually have to attend.

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Create a meetup with a partner who won’t attend, and select meetup-only view.

Hi @Seth_Steen,

Tx for the reply. OK, I’ll try this. Of course even though it’s a solo ride, I’d like to have it recorded. Still would be great to have a button/option for this ‘Ride Alone’ feature. Tx.

Tx for the solution by using the Meet Up feature.

I’ll add to this request, given the bugs with non-event/non-meetup chat content leaking into rides. I’ve got group chat disabled, but when riding in a Meetup-Only View route I still see chats from riders not in the meet up.

Obviously the social component is a popular and valuable part of Zwift, but there are some days I’d like to ride alone. If that’s an easy “toggle” setting, please consider allowing true solo rides in a forthcoming update. There are many folks who - believe it or not - ride to get away from social media stimuli, and would like to see wattage/cadence/distance and hear the road noise and sound effects without seeing texts and the like. I’ll happily donate all my Ride Ons to anyone who cares about them in exchange for the option to have some peace and quiet.

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Is there somewhere I can vote for this to be a new feature?

At the top, the word that says “vote” next to the number of votes (currently 2).

Hi Ben,
I’ not sure, but I don’t think you can vote for your own topic. :confused:

True, Noted. Cheers.

That is a truly genius idea. I love to ride with friends, but sometimes I, too, just want to ride alone. I was searching tonight for an easy way to pre load a route so that I don’t have to think when I get up in the morning to ride (just get on the bike and go), but meetups for one person are not an option at this time (which is why I added my vote).