Local ride without login

After the most recent login fiasco I was thinking that it would be nice to have the option of riding solo without connecting to the game servers. I’m assuming all graphics are stored locally and your connection to the Zwift servers allows for other riders to be shown. This will alleviate some of the frustration when the system is down. I for one have no issue training solo, I just need roads to ride, virtual or real.



I doubt this is feasible, as (I’m assuming) the majority of the work for Zwift is being done on the servers and not on the local PC.


I think it’s very plausible since you can start a ride and disconnect from the internet and continue riding alone on the roads.

Now I’m not sure Zwift is interested in making this a possibility since they are promoting their platform as a social experience.

Hmmm … I’m going to give that a try tonight.

My gut says you’ll run out of road pretty quickly.


I have done it many times (as has many others) and you have full access to all the roads on the map.