Ride alone / Simplified UI / Less social stress

Hi there,
I really like Zwift! But I would like to have a less crowded screen, less social stress and more pure riding.

So my feature request would be


  • Ride alone (of course there is no drafting, no social bonus - but it is quite)
  • Switch classic HUD vs simplified HUD (Menu)


  • reduced infos
  • KM counting down, so I can see what is left to the finish line
  • HM counting down
  • Preview of what is coming up
  • cleaner Map with total of KM & HM

These are just ideas that would make me happy and maybe others too.
I created 3 MockUps:

See “HUD Customization” topic…

I didn’t see this and I didn’t got as suggestion while writing the topic.
Sorry for this.

But maybe the topic of riding alone is different enough to vote for.

Use the minimal UI config file hack and disconnect from the internets after entering your chosen world (reconnect again before saving), mission accomplished.

But I am still not riding alone, or?

Disconnect from the internet after starting your ride and everyone else will disappear. Reconnect just before finishing your ride so that it will be uploaded at the end.

That is an interesting solution! Thanks.

Alternatively you can also just create a meetup (need a second user for that, create a dummy account if you can’t think of anyone who will ignore your invites…) and select the only meetup riders visible option. Or even using the world hack and picking one of the worlds outside of the three in the daily rotation usually means you won’t have too much company.

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