Solo Button

How about a simple button that removes all the other cyclists and just leaves you on a solo ride? Right now (I believe) I have to switch to airplane mode on my device to accomplish this. I often just want to ride alone like in real life. In real life, I don’t have dozens or hundreds of other cyclists on my route. For most rides I have no one. Just me and nature.

That would be nice to have. You can also create a meetup, you’ll have to invite at least one person but make it someone who won’t show or a dummy account, and choose Meetup-Only View and you won’t see any other Zwifters when riding.

No Internet, you ride alone. Just don’t forget to connect with Internet before saving.

Or create a club with yourself as the only member and create a free ride on your world and route of choice.

While a social platform, it’s nice that Zwift gives more than one way to be antisocial.



Thanks. Good suggestions. Right now I am using Zwift on my phone (old laptop I was using died) so I’d rather not turn off the Internet but I could. Maybe the Meetup or club idea.

I realize I am not the typical Zwift user. I am not in a club, I don’t ride with others, I don’t race, I don’t care about badges or accomplishments, I don’t care about customizing my bike or kit to death, etc. I ride outdoors as much as possible even in the cold. I keep it very basic. I realize others use it to a much fully degree than I do and understand why they want other features. It’s all good. I started out riding rollers in my garage with maybe a radio on!

It sounds like you are more interested in the proposition of Zwift’s competitors like Rouvy, FulGaz, SYSTM, TrainerRoad.

Thank you. I am going to trial Rouvy.


Ride a TT bike and there’s no drafting and no powerups.

I’ve not tried Rouvy but I do like Fulgaz. It has reasonably high quality routes. Maybe Rouvy is fine, as well.

This is a good solution and a way for those naughty people to ride those super special event only routes and get the badges before the official Zwift events!

Just create your own club in Zwift, it’s the easiest way and ride in your own events that nobody else can join. In any case, you are going to get badges no matter what - unless you ride the same route every time or quit just before the end to make sure you don’t get the badge.

Fulgaz is pretty good as well but you can have other people riding there too.

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