Personal Workout Mode

I would like to see a mode where you are alone but have the option of either following a ghost rider at a preset pace or your own personal best for that route. Also, the ability to start a route anywhere along it. Some routes are longer than I care to do on an indoor bike setup. It would still be nice to ride it but perhaps over 2 rides or 3. Maybe that ability exists and I just haven’t found it.

I find other riders a distraction at times. Yes, it can help motivate you or give you someone to try and catch but at times I just want to be alone like I am riding a time trial. Just me and my machine. Sometimes I put my laptop in airplane mode to get that effect but that stops the laptop from having any Internet. I would prefer if Zwift had a mode for that. I know they want it to be a social platform, but I use it as an indoor workout when outside conditions prevent me from riding outdoors. When outdoors, I rarely ride with anyone and usually am the raster rider on the road so it’s like I am riding alone.

The way around seeing other riders is to disconnect from your network after you start your ride.
Others will see you, but you won’t see them.
Reconnect at the end of the ride to upload.

Will others see you? If you’re not connected to the internet I wouldn’t think Zwift would know your location data.

Another way to ride alone in any world you want use is to create a meetup with the companion app, invite someone you know won’t be there, and select “meetup only view.” You won’t see other riders.

you can do that by joining the BOT rides on watopia then disconnecting from the network and hay presto you get your own ride and no others

Everyone is missing that the OP already knows he can disconnect the internet to ride alone.

This feature isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

I realize that but no harm in throwing the idea out there. :slight_smile: I am not into all the social aspects of cycling or Zwift. I prefer to ride alone. I have never lasted long in a club. Just not into riding with others. For me riding is my zen time. It’s my meditation. I like getting lost in my thoughts and the challenge of the effort. Riding in packs and paying attention to others just breaks that state of mind. I have an account on Strava to track my workouts but I keep my account private. It’s just for me. I am very self-motivated so riding with others isn’t important and I have a mild heart condition that requires me to pace myself and ride as best suits me so pushing myself to keep up with a better rider on a group ride is not wise for me. Those things are all great though and I am glad Zwift provides those experiences for those who want that. I’m just hoping for a few more features for the solo rider but I realize there aren’t that many of us…


You’re probably right.

The goal is to not have to disconnect from the network. That works but limits many other features of the device. Ideally there would be a simple button to click or menu item to select rather than all these kludges.

It would not be that hard if their software has a decent design. I say that as a software engineer. I just don’t think it’s a priority to provide this feature.

@Bob_Vaughan this method works very well to ride solo.