Solo rides

It sure would be nice to have a “ride solo” option. It’s great to ride with others but sometimes you just want some alone time.

You can already do that.

Start Zwift and begin ride

Unplug network cable or disable WiFi 

Ride on your own

At the end of your ride you can plug in network cable or enable WiFi to ensure your ride gets uploaded to Zwift, Strava, TP or other.

Another “hacking” option available on the PC or Mac – ride in either of the two worlds not on the calendar that day. You can do that by using notepad to edit the world tag in the Zwift prefs.xml file or you can use a custom program to select and click the world you want to ride in. There will be few other riders, if any, in that world with you.

Thanks guys! Turning off the wi-fi worked like a charm. I downloaded zwiftpref and will give it a try if I can ever get my Ant+ dongle to work on my windows 7 laptop,

I appreciate the help.

A better option would be to have a solo ride/run option in the menu so you do not have to disconnect and reconnect to the internet. I love the environments but like to ride/run on my own.

Can this be incorporated into the next software upgrade?

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