Support Less Crowded Riding

Sometimes you just don’t want the crowd. Provide options to ride with:

  1. Full Population (default)

  2. With Selected Friend(s)

  3. Group Ride Members Only

  4. With Select FTP Groups

  5. Solo
    Simply drop display of all the other traffic (both avatars and stats in text based displays).

Thanks - Love your product!

Great requests!

Zwift kind of hinted that something is coming soon that could rectify some of the over crowding.

Ya, I saw a comment about allowing users to pick their course vs ‘course of the day’ thereby reducing the crowd size per course. Reducing the crowd size is nice but that is a different goal compared to allowing the user the option to control who/how many they ride with. Both are good ideas.

The lane in the opposite direction can have up to 99% less people on it. I kind of laugh at the pe, er lemmings that ride all following each other.

You can also select any route on any map at any time through Zwifthacks. Quite simple to do and it will get you through until they make some changes.

Do note that any new map will have more riders than you ever have seen on it when it does come out.

For $15/month, you shouldn’t have to mess around with hacking the game in order to ride different worlds.  The u-turn does not always alleviate the situation either. 

I use an iPad and if I don’t reset the app after a bunch of rides it starts me out solo, as in no one on the course. Kinda cool but I miss the other riders after a while and usually reset it. Plus it’s a pain when I want to jump into an event I signed up for.

For a paid service it should be integrated.

I would like to ride with people of my ~power group.

Its depressing watching people fly past at their normal riding pace of +3W

As it gets more crowded, I think it would make sense to separate riders who are performing a workout from general riders. They don’t really interact with anyone else and can’t draft. 

As someone who races, performs workouts and just noodles around I think that all these activities differ to an extent that they could all be kept separate from one another. 

Marks suggestions are spot on. I gave up using Zwift 12 months ago because the roads were often so unrealistically congested. I reinstated my subscription when I discovered the pref file hack to set the world/route, so now I always use off-calendar routes.

Everybody mentions the ‘hack where to ride’ as a temp solution but that does not work for those of us connecting via AppleTV.

Agreed Mark, thats the only reason I still use my MacBook instead of the large TV screen in the same room. Just wish Zwift would sort this one and add it as a startup option, it doesn’t strike me as very difficult to do, given that it can already be hacked - but your 4 suggested options are better though possibly a tad trickier technically I guess (solo should be easy though, as we can also hack that one by switching off wifi after starting and before finishing).